yeah i mean i could do all those essays or i could make half my face look like a 40 year old chain-smoker 

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I got my nose pierced


Oops, I cut off my hair again. I wished I waited so I could have donated it again but I don’t think they would have wanted it in the state it was in


I am the sheep queen

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Should I get a nose ring? Hmmm


it was meant to be a sophisticated party but then i walked through the door (or tent)

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Hello everyone


Today I found myself in Narnia, it was a bit of a shock

Just me and the boyfriend. You may of heard of him, his name is Tony Stark Robert Downey Jr. But he had to dress as Sherlock Holmes to avoid the paparazzi 


Oh yay Doctor who starts tomorrow, I cant wait!!1! 

But how can I watch it without subjecting my heart and soul to crippling pain and depression? If only I could remove my feelings 

Wait- whats happening 

I cant- my feeling-arghhh 

Emotions DELETED.